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Our Product Range

The Lamp Company stocks 80,000 different light bulbs - so we are confident we can help you identify the precise light bulb you need.

Please use our online ordering process using the panel to the left to find your light bulb - alternatively, ask our experts using the panel on the homepage. If you like to see things on paper, give us a call or drop us a line with your address details and we'll send you a catalogue. Complete with scaled illustrations and detailed descriptions it will help you find your light bulb quickly and easily.

If you aren't sure what you are looking for, please call our sales team on +44 (0) 1462 490066 - we will ask the right questions to pinpoint the lamp you need.

We stock the following products

Airfield / Aircraft

Lamps for Airstrips, Taxiways & Hangars etc.


Look for Freshwater tubes for Tropical, Saltwater for Marine. Saltwater Blue for Coral. See also metal halide aquarium lighting.


Double-ended, Side-mounted Tubular lamps. Popular with Bars, Clubs & Hotels

Auto bulbs

Ever thought how many different sorts of light bulb are packed into your car? If you need a new auto bulb, chances are that it won't be the same ones needed at the front as at the back of the vehicle. Whether it's halogen, xenon or filament technology, it can sometimes be a job for the weekend to get hold of the bulb itself, let alone changing it. How much quicker to order the bulbs online. The Lamp Company stocks over 400 different types of auto bulbs for motor vehicles. Our range includes lamps for buses, HGVs and tanks, as well as motorbikes, scooters and cars. Whether you are replacing the indicator bulbs, headlamps or interior light, we are certain to have the auto bulb available. Most makes and models of car require at least six different shapes of light bulb. If you know the auto bulb you require, follow the simple steps on our pages to guide you to the right bulb.

Do you need help finding the right auto bulbs?

If you are uncertain of the exact auto bulb you require, send us details of the make, model and year of manufacture of your vehicle to For instance, Mercedes C200 1996, or Honda CBR900RR 1999. We will be pleased to advise you of the lamps required for the vehicle.

Bi-pin, Sub-midget and midget flange

These lamps are miniatures. Mostly used in panels and other industrial applications.

Blacklight Blue

The UV lamps give little or no visible light. Commonly used in Counterfeit note detectors. Popular for effect in Bars, Clubs & Bowling Alleys. Also used for non-destructive testing.

Bug Zapper

Also known as Flykiller or Insectocutor Lamps. Special UV light which attract Flies which are then killed by electricity. Also used to cure certain glues e.g. False Nails


See also decorative candles. So named after the pointed tip. Can be used in chandeliers, wall fittings, and general household applications. Types of candle include coupe de vent, (bent tip), twisted. Candle lamps can be coloured.

Circular tubes

So named for the distinctive circle shape. Often used in signs and household lighting

Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

This is the trade term for an energy saver or energy efficient lamp. The light bulb uses fluorescent tube technology but is available in a more 'compact' form.

Decorative Candles

If you have a chandelier with beautiful dangling pieces of glass or crystal you will want some attractive light bulbs to illuminate the fitting. As kings and queens replaced the real candle chandeliers with electric lights, so the birth of the decorative candle light bulbs came about, as the electric candle light bulbs needed to copy the original candles of beeswax. Decorative candles therefore come in many shapes and sizes, cap sizes and colours. You may prefer them twisted, in clear glass, frosted, with a bent tip, or even the look of a real candle. Candle bulbs also come in a huge range of colours, which is particularly appropriate for Christmas lighting. For coloured decorative light bulbs you can choose from all the colours of the rainbow and many more besides.

Energy saving decorative candles

Did you know about the energy saving range of decorative candles now available? Energy saving candles are another new shape available from the growing range of compact fluorescent light bulbs, as the energy-conscious market starts to do something for consumers who want energy saving light bulbs that are good-looking as well as functional. We particularly recommend the coupe de vente decorative candles from Megaman, manufacturer of energy saving light bulbs; they are made of rubber and so will even bounce!

Decorative Lamps

Candles, Golfballs, Globes, Christmas lights etc...

Decorative Reflectors

Reflectors are so called due to the mirror effect created inside the casing of the bulb to make the light shine more brightly. The bulbs are known as decorative due to their attractive shape. Do not confuse the decorative reflector with its bigger cousin, the mushroom lamp, which has a much wider and flatter top or dome. The bigger reflectors tend to have specific purposes, such as for use in swimming pools. Reflector lamps mostly use incandescent technology.

The most recent decorative reflectors on the market can now be found within our range of energy saving light bulbs, using compact fluorescent technology. The energy saving decorative reflector is another new shape of compact fluorescent bulb, away from the tradition stick or spiral shapes of compact fluorescent technology. Since the Lamp Company is a key distributor for Megaman, manufacturers of a full range of energy saving light bulbs and decorative reflectors, it is well placed to help you in your quest for these attractive decorative energy saving light bulbs.

Energy saving decorative reflectors

The energy saving decorative reflectors are available to suit a range of fittings, whether in standard size screw cap or small screw cap. These are the most popular cap sizes. You can shop for energy saving light bulbs and decorative reflectors here. This range is designed for people who use their light bulbs predominantly in the home. Wherever you would use a reflector, you can now seriously consider replacement with energy saving decorative reflectors.

Dichroic Lamps

Often referred to as MR16's, MR11's or MR8's. Their Dichroic reflector projects light forward whilst allowing heat to travel backwards making them ideal for display lighting, in the home and retail shops. There are numerous variants of this type of lamp including: Coolfit, Coloured, Long life and many more. When ordering, consider the beam angle 12 deg gives a narrow beam of light or Narrow Spot (NSP) 24 deg is Medium flood (MFL) 38 deg is Wide Flood (WFL) 60 deg is Very Wide Flood. (VWFL)


Specialist lighting incl: Strobe, Projectors, and Effects etc.


Retail environment use, among others: Dichroic and Low Wattage Metal Halide.

Domestic Appliances

Fridge, Microwave, Oven, Sewing Machine lamps. Please check the wattage carefully. For under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or bathroom, see Smilight tubes.

Double ended Metal Halide

Commonly used in sports stadiums for floodlighting. See also Metal halides.

Edison Bulbs

Reproductions of the original Edison light bulb, created by Thomas Edison in 1842.

Elliptical Metal Halide

Commonly used in urban illumination projects and Industrial "High Bay" fittings. See also metal halides.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Save money and electricity by replacing your household light bulbs with energy savers. Energy savers can be used in table lamps, ceiling fittings, wall fittings. Remember to check the cap size of your original light bulb when looking to replace.

Other terms for Energy Savers

Energy savers are also sometimes referred to as low energy light bulbs or energy saving light bulbs.


Lamps for studio and projection applications.

External Illumination

A wide range of metal halides for sensitive lighting effects, from historical buildings to gardens and urban illumination projects.

Festoon Lamps

Used in chain lighting also in Auto Interior lights.


Sports stadia, golf courses.

Fluorescent Tubes

Check the length of the required replacement first. Lengths available include: 8 foot, 6 foot, 4 foot, 2 foot, 18 inch, 12 inch. Check the diameter of the tube. Colours for fluorescent tubes include warm white, daylight, cool white. If you suffer from Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD), then you should consider Activa/ Biolux tubes.

Fly killer

See Bug zapper.

Food Hygiene

Specialist tubes for meat counters, carvery counters, as well as the fly killers. These can be shattershielded as required

Full-Spectrum light bulbs

In the 1960s, Dr John Ott became interested in the effects of artificial lighting whilst doing time-lapse photography. He subsequently came up with the term "full-spectrum" lighting, and invented the first full spectrum light bulb. Full spectrum lighting refers to both the ultra-violet and visible light that composes artificial light in an effort to more effectively replicate natural light. Full spectrum lamps are often used in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). They are usually available in the format of a fluorescent tube, known as SAD tubes. It is claimed, that as full-spectrum lighting attempts to more closely reproduce natural lighting, it can help maintain health and visibility, especially during the dull winter months.

Related terms for full-spectrum light bulbs

  • UV Lamps
  • Sun bed tubes


Technical term for UVC or Ozone water/ air purifying Lamps. These lamps are hazardous to health and must only be used specified applications. Used in swimming pools, sauna and steam rooms, outdoor fish ponds.

GLS - General Application

Incandescent, household, reflectors, Golfball, pygmies, candles. These lamps have standard caps and can be used interchangeably. Often the fixture (lampshade) will dictate which bulb is the best fit.

Golf Balls

Good for external Christmas lighting displays in a variety of colours


Used to promote plant growth.


Blown Tubular (BT) shape Halogen alternative to standard GLS lamps.


Hanaulux - now owned by Siemens and more properly known as Hanaulux/Siemens- are renowned manufacturers of surgical lights. These overhead surgical lights often have specialised halogen lamps, which typically last over 1,000 hours, and can be difficult to source.

Related terms for Hanaulux

  • Medical purpose lamps

Household bulbs

See also Energy saver. Always check the cap. Types of bulb include incandescent, general application, reflectors, golfball, pygmy, candle. These lamps have standard caps and can be used interchangeably. Often the fixture (lampshade) will dictate which bulb and cap is the best fit.

Infra-Red Heat Lamps / Ruby Jackets

Used in applications from Catering, outdoor patio heating to Paint-drying. Available in various lengths, wattages and styles. Ruby Coloured lamps are mainly used for space heating.

JD tungsten Halogen

Single-ended Halogen Lamps. Mainly used in display applications.

K Class

Double-ended Halogen lamps. Mainly used in short range floodlights.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

An increasingly popular Light source offering high output from very low wattage. New LED versions of traditional types are appearing all the time. They offer good alternatives to traditional lights and are longer lasting up to 30,000 hours or more. Available in various colours.

Light Bulbs

There are literally thousands of different types of light bulb in the world. Manufacturers produce more and more new light bulbs every year; whether they are energy saving light bulbs, LEDs, halogen light bulbs, traditional incandescent household light bulbs, light bulbs for a specific purpose or application light bulbs such as the high output 2000w light bulbs for floodlighting. To get you started to find your new light bulbs on our site, please consider the following factors as you follow our step by step guide to identify the lamp you require: Is it a fluorescent tube? Is it an incandescent light bulb? Is it an energy saving decorative candle bulb? Do you want an energy saving light bulb? Please start by considering the shape of the glass. Then, ask yourself, what sort of cap or base does the light bulb have? Is it a screw cap or a bayonet cap? Is it a 2 pin cap or 4 pin cap? Follow this link to start shopping for your new light bulbs.

When is a lamp a light bulb?

In the lighting industry, a light bulb is called a lamp. Anything else is called a fixture or fitting. This is why you can buy all sorts of light bulbs from the LAMP company. The Lamp Company can supply virtually any light bulb you require, whether you are looking for replacement light bulbs for your halogen lighting, accent lighting, or low voltage lighting. We keep our shelves stocked with light bulbs, lamps and fluorescent tubes. We distribute light bulbs for all the major lighting manufacturers: whether you are looking for Osram light bulbs, Philips light bulbs, GE light bulbs or Sylvania light bulbs - you will find them all on our site.


These powerful Incandescent or Halogen lamps have long life expectancy and emit a bright white light that is designed to be highly visible across the seas.

M Class

Halogen lamps including: dichroic & capsule types.

Marine and shipping

Navigation, Rough service, ship re-fits.

Medical purpose Lamps

X-ray machinery, microscopes, laboratory work. Clean lab lights. See also Hanaulux.

Mercury discharge

A mercury-vapour lamp is a gas discharge lamp that uses an electric arc through vaporized mercury to produce light

Metal Halides

In order to create a better quality of white light and to improve the efficiency of traditional mercury vapour lamps, Charles Proteus Steinmetz experimented with adding halide salts (which are derived from iodine), and in 1912, he patented the first metal halide lamp. This initial design failed to produce a consistent colour, and it wasn’t until General Electric resumed research in this direction some forty years later that the modern metal halides were born and came to the marketplace.

Characteristics of metal halides

Metal halides provide several advantages over other forms of lighting. One of these is that they have a very long life. Metal halides typically have a lifespan more than ten times that of incandescent alternatives. Metal halide lamps have a quality of white light closer to natural light than most other types of lighting. Metal halides are used where a bright light is required to be emitted over great areas or distances, such as sports stadia, outdoor arenas or lighthouses. Metal halides are also well suited for being coloured, and can be manufactured in a wide range of colours apart from white. Coloured metal halides are often used to illuminate buildings of architectural interest. Metal halides are also more efficient than their incandescent, fluorescent or mercury vapour lamp equivalents. Because metal halides last longer, are more efficient and require less power to run, metal halides are seen as having a less detrimental effect on the environment than other lighting types.

Uses of metal halides

Because of the adaptability of metal halides, they are used in a wide variety of ways, both internally and externally. Amongst some of the uses for metal halides are stadium lighting, street lighting, building illumination and even aquarium lighting.

Related terms for metal halides

  • Metal halide stadium lighting
  • Metal halide Aquarium lighting
  • Double ended metal halide
  • Elliptical metal halide
  • Tubular metal halide

Metal halide aquarium lighting

Metal halide lamps offer a range of benefits compared to traditional high-pressure sodium and mercury lamps often used for lighting in aquariums. They are highly efficient, making them environmentally friendly and longer lasting up to 30,000 hours Metal halide aquarium lighting is very popular, as it is the best way of providing light intensity in deeper tanks, especially for reef aquariums with coral that are in excess of 36 inches in depth. With metal halide aquarium lighting, it is also possible to recreate "glitter" lines, that occur naturally in the sea, as surface waves act as a lens for sunlight. Disturbances to the surface water in an aquarium together with metal halide lighting replicates this effect in a way that cannot be done with fluorescent lighting.


Can be Incandescent, Halogen, Neon or LED. Cap sizes are very important. Look for Ba7s, Ba9s, Ba15d, and BA15s. See also telephone lamps and Bi-pin, Sub-midget and midget flange. For use in applications such as switchboards and machinery.

Miniatures - Screw Cap

E10, E11, E12, E14 - Screw cap identification.

MR16 GU10

MR16 is a coded designation in which MR stands for multifaceted reflector, and 16 is the number of eighths of an inch the front is in diameter MR16 is 2 inches (51 mm), MR16 GU10 lamps are spotlights, widely used for down-lighting and track lighting. As MR16 GU10 lamps are halogen lamps, they are brighter than regular incandescent lamps. They are also more energy efficient, which makes them a logical choice to replace higher wattage incandescent lamps. GU10 refers to the base type, and these lamps fit into a twist-lock socket. MR16 GU10 halogen lamps need to be handled with care, as the oils produced by the skin will damage the lamp. MR16 GU10 lamps project 80% of the heat forwards, which helps to reduce the risk of fire. The popularity of MR16 GU10 lamps has been increasing steadily, because they are both safer and more efficient than traditional incandescent lamps.

MR11 GU4 or GZ4

These are smaller lamps which are less common. MR11 and even less common MR8 formats, which have reflectors that are 1⅜ inch (11/8" or 35 mm) and 1 inch (8/8" or 25 mm) in diameter, respectively. These smaller lamps appear very similar to MR16 lamps. Again available in a variety of beam spreads. Their smaller size mean smaller fixtures, but limits them to lower powers. MR11 and MR8 lamps have pins placed closer together, preventing them from accidentally being interchanged with MR16 lamps. Commonly used in decorative lighting like Jewellers.

Related terms for MR16 / MR11 / MR8 lamps

  • Reflectors
  • spotlights

Navigation lamps

See Marine and Shipping.

Operating Theatre Lamps

High intensity clean lights for work in critical medical settings, such as operating theatres. See also Hanaulux and Medical Purpose Lamps.

Oven Lamps

Lamps for use in appliances with a high heat resistance. See also domestic appliances and Smilight tubes.

P class

Photographic lamps.

PAR Lamps

PAR Lamps, or Parabolic Aluminium Reflector Lamps in full, come in a wide variety of sizes and ratings. Size is given in1/8ths of an inch e.g. PAR16 = 2" in diameter, PAR64 = 8".

Photographic and studio lamps

TV studio lamps. Dark room lighting.

Printing and Reprographics

Specialist lamps for printing press and print shops.

Projector lamps

Special high intensity lamps for use in video projectors, OHPs, backlight projection. LCD & DLP Projector lamps are not available on line at present. Please contact us directly at as these are specialist lamps and it is very important you know the make and model of the projector.

Pygmy lamps

See also general application lamps.


Reflectors are Mushroom shaped with internal mirroring for directional lighting in usually spot or flood beam angles. See also General application lamps and Decorative reflectors.

Reptile and Vivarium

Heat lamps to keep reptiles warm. UV tubes to promote Vitamin B.

Rough service

Vacuum lamps with extra filament supports. Resistant to vibration. See also marine and shipping.

Shatterproof / shattershield

Please call us about our shatterproof service. A thin coat of fluoropolymer can be applied to almost any bulb or tube. If the bulb or tube is dropped, all glass will remain inside the coating. Health and Safety legislation means that most open lamps in public areas need to be Shatterproofed. Minimum orders apply.

Smilite tubes

See also domestic appliance lamps. Smilight tubes (sometimes spelt smilite) are manufactured exclusively to fit under-cupboard cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms, like those supplied by MFI, Schreiber and Hygena. Smilight tubes are typically used for under cupboard lighting. Smilight tubes can often be difficult to find. The Lamp Company has an extensive range of smilight fluorescent tubes in a variety of sizes from 266, 460 and 905mm.

Related terms for smilight tubes

  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Domestic Appliances

Sodium discharge lamps

See also son lamps and sox lamps.

Son lamps

Son lamps are sodium lamps, often used in an industrial setting. Son lamps are typically used for street lighting, car parks, and in similar environments. Son lamps are preferred for this application, as they are reliable and long-lasting.

Shop for Son Lamps

The Lamp company provides a wide range of son lamps for you to choose from.

Sox lamps

The most commonly used Street Lighting lamp.

Specialist Services

The Lamp Company has over 80,000 diverse products at its fingertips. Only a selection of these product lines is visible on site - for specialist services such as Shattershield, striping or urgent requirements, our unrivalled service, knowledge and choice will ensure you receive the products required.

Spot lamps

See reflectors and decorative reflectors.

Stage, studio and theatre lamps

T-Class, CP-Class.

Sun bed tubes

Specialist UV tubes used for tanning.

T2, T4, T5 , T8, T12

Refers to the diameter of a fluorescent tube (in 1/8th of an inch) e.g. T8 = 1"

Telephone lamps

See also miniatures.

Torch lamps

Pre-focus, lens-ended lamps.

Tubular metal halide

See also elliptical metal halide.

U tubes

Fluorescent tubes in the shape of a U. Use it in confined spaces where there is no room for a full-length tube.

UV lamps

UV or ultra violet. Usually tube format, check for UVA used in sunbeds, flykillers etc. UVB mainly for medical purposes. UVC used in air /water sterilization.

Wire Terminals

Small lamps with two wire terminals to connect to circuit and control boards


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