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Easy Light Bulbs stocks a full range of compact fluorescent lamps including double, triple, quadruple turn bulbs and many more. With many different varieties of fluorescent tubes to suit all tastes and requirements including some dimmable bulbs, we are able to supply fluorescent lighting solutions to suit different budgets. We offer a range of different colours including daylight, warm white, white and cool white as well as a variety of cap types depending on your needs.

Our Push In Compact Fluorescent range - Select your light bulb type below

Lamp Type Information

Special Compact lamp used normally in angle poises. 4 Pins in a square at the bottom.
Referred to as a tight U-Bend often used in camping lights and flykillers.
Double turn, two tubes, on a square base with 2 or 4 pins. For use in corridors, office and retail lighting. Occasionally in standard lamps and wall lights.
Referred to as “Puck” lamps or “Disc” lamps. Used in wall lights and under cupboard lights.
One large tube used in office lighting, hall lighting and signs. 4 pins in a line on the base.
Philips Lighting compact fluorescent lamp MASTER PL-R Eco is an extremely efficient compact fluorescent lamp for downlight applications. It consists of six parallel tubes with a new innovative 'twist and lock' lamp base, designed for operation with electronic control gear.
Small U shaped compact lamp used in emergency lighting, wall lights and bulk heads.
Triple turn lamp with 3 double tubes on the base. Comes in 2 or 4 pin and the bases can be different shapes. Please try and match brand for brand to avoid problems.


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